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Hancock Library News

Our Summer reading program is now done. We had great attendance and great participation! Top readers were Chase Cunningham, Tess Steiner, Mallory Joos, and Cody and Holly Messner. Other big readers were Alexis Staples, Zachery Koehl, Ayden and Brecklyn Beyer, Natalie and Ella Pederson, Sean Cunningham and Cora Millette. Come see our paper chain made of paper paint brushes of all the books read. They were all also very creative doing finger painting, collage, cloth flags (which you might have seen on display in the water tower park), decorating sticks, looking at clouds and listening to the sounds of nature. We read books about art, artists, architects, dancers, cowboys, and more. Hopefully these activities will help them continue to be imaginative and creative, and of course continue reading.

Although our summer program is over we do have lots of summer left. I think last week there were just the most wonderful days of summer -- low humidities, nice temps, no wind -- makes me remember how much I do love summer. There are few joys that rival being outside on a beautiful day in the company of a good book, or the freedom of a great bike ride, or to go to the beach and under the bright sun lie back, shut your eyes and listen to an audio book -- and it's all free!! The world is full of simple treats that barely cost a thing -- go to the horticultural gardens and look at the beautiful gardens or even UMM campus at this time of the year is lovely or take a walk over to the west side of Hancock and check out our new park -- or come to see us!!

See ya at the Library!