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Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Beebe were Wednesday night visitors at Elaine Jacobson's. Also during the week, Shane, Larry and Tammy Ascheman called on her. Friday night, Jack and Sandy Burns from Benson were guests.

At lunch on Friday, Genevieve Dosdall was approached by a young man and his wife from Nebraska asking if she knew any of the Dosdall's to which she replied that she was a Dosdall. The young man was Brian Crabtree, son of Charles Crabtree. He was passing through and was looking up different families.

On Saturday there was an open house at the Free Church here in Hancock for former members to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stutsman and baby from the Arbian Pennisula. Mark is the son of the former pastor of the Free Church, Steve Stutsman.

Duane Malo from Chicago was a guest at Bruce and Jan Malo's over the weekend. Duane was here for his 20th class reunion. Boyd Malo from Maplewood was also a guest, Boyd was playing in a softball tournament in Glenwood.

Stan and Katie Erdman spent the weekend at the Jamie, Korrin and Tristyn Erdman home in Zimmerman and helped Jamie celebrate his birthday.

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