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Talking it over -- Hancock Record 7-23-09

This last weekend my husband and I, along with another couple, took a drive up north. One of our goals was to take a look at a few resorts and lakes for a possible fall vacation. It was a fun and interesting day that left us almost more confused about where to go than we were when we left.

As we made a few stops it was surprising how different the resorts could be. Some were very well kept while others were just barely in the habitable category. A few of the resorts were very quiet with a limited number of cabins while others were busy with not just cabins but rows and rows of campers. These lakes were full of boats, jet skis and sail boats leaving very little room for fishing boats.

We were able to go inside some of the cabins and once again found some big differences. Just a quick peek inside the cupboards told a lot about the cleanliness of the entire place. Mismatched furniture is normal for a cabin however if some of these pieces are barely held together and badly in need of repair, that is another story.

We were interested in finding the perfect resort for our needs. The men wanted good fishing, the women wanted lots of space not just for sleeping but also eating. We all wanted to feel comfortable just sitting on the furniture much less eating off the plates. A little extra camp entertainment was a benefit but not really necessary.

We didn't end up booking any of the cabins that we looked at but did have a learning experience when it comes to resorts. Perhaps our tastes are getting a bit more refined but we know what we want for the money we spend. As we visited these resorts we remembered some of the places we had stayed in the past and recalled some interesting experiences with other campers, resort owners and even tiny creatures that like to invade our space.

Resorting or camping is somewhat of a tradition in Minnesota and it is obvious that there is a big difference in the tastes of people staying at these places. Personally I like to have at least 50' between clean, well-kept cabins or campers, a nice quiet, sandy beach, good fishing and lots of shade trees to relax under. It seems that finding all these qualities in one resort where they also have openings could be quite a challenge.