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Bits and Pieces -- Hancock July 23

by Jan Malo

Today, I am going to ramble about a couple of different subjects. Forty years ago the United States landed a man on the moon. I guess it is a historical event and should be recognized for it's merit. Personally I don't understand the space program and all of the money used to research the skies. We can't take care of all of our problems here on the earth, but yet we are searching in space for what? I know I wouldn't want to live in outer space being attached to a cord all of the time so I wouldn't float away. And eating, how much fun to suck on slurpies through a straw everyday of your life. No wonder they are growing fruit and vegetables with no taste, they will just be ground up into a liquid to be drunk three times a day. Sorry, I'm staying here with my feet on the ground eating real food sitting down.

I was reading an article in last month's Reader's Digest about our garbage. This has become a real problem throughout the world, what to do with it, nobody wants it, I don't know for sure, but it seems there is a boat full of garbage floating out in the ocean and no state wants to let it come into their landfills and they can't dump it in the ocean. Something is wrong with that picture, but garbage is nothing new, according to the article, in 500 BC, the first dumps were mandated one mile outside of Athens, Greece and in 1739, Benjamin Franklin petitions to end commercial waste dumping in Philadelphia and in 1973, curbside recycling begins in Berkeley, California.

Maybe that's why we need to move into space, our earth will be filled with garbage we can't dispose of and there won't be room for us humans.

Have a good day!