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Cyrus News

North Cyrus

Mr. and Mrs. Carsten Lerdahl from Clear Lake spent the 4th of July with Marjorie Lerdahl.

Brittney Rath has recently movd to the Cyrus area. She moved here from St. Cloud.

Mary and Janelle Bright and Peggy Leitch were visitors for a couple of days at the Wayne Bright home.

Mr. and Mrs. Jere Ettesvold returned home from a trip to Hawaii. They spent time with their daughter and family and celebrated Wendy and Avery's birthdays.

Betty Anderson and Mrs. Dale Logan were at the Shirley Reynolds' home a week ago Saturday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Reynold's birthday.

On Sunday, July 5 the Leroy Edlunds were at a family get together at the Larry and Connie Edlund home near Walker Lake.

Gavin Edlund spent from Sunday until Wednesday a week ago at the Leroy Edlund home.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorden Thompson spent the 4th of July at the John Dickey home.

Adam Bright from Coon Rapids spent Monday through Wednesday a week ago at the Wayne Bright home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Rosholt from Watertown, spent Friday at the Donald Rosholt home.

Cyrus Area

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wersinger attended a family get together on the 4th of July at her sister, Marilyn's home in Pelican Rapids.

Mr. and Mrs. John Dosdall were at the Ray Van Wenity home to help their grandson celebrate his third birthday.

Phyllis Bright visited a week ago Wednesday afternoon with Lila Estenson in Cyrus.

Pastor Smith from Trinity Lutheran church returned home Saturday afternoon after a three week trip to Bellsaida, Israel for an archeological dig.

Betty Anderson spent th weekend at the Dale Logan home.

The Circle groups from Trinity Church met several places last week for their meetings.

The Elizabeth Circle members from Trinity Church, Cyrus, met at the Minnewaska Home in Starbuck on Tuesday. Lunch was served by Patty Anderson.

Ryan, Andrew and Seth Sansness were Monday overnight guests at the Lauren and Irene Sansness home.

Many attended the Prairie Pioneer Days events and parade in Morris last week.

Swan Lake

Ryan and Paula Haroldson spent the weekend of July 11 at the Paul Stark home.

Dan Helberg and Renee Gorham were Saturday, July 11 visitors of Gladys Helberg.

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gades camped over the 4th of July at Tipsinah Mounds Park.

Amanda Dohlen was a dinner guest Sunday, July 12, at the Gerard Dohlen home.