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Hancock Library News

Wow, over 60 people came last week to watch and partake in the ventriloquist program by James Wedgewood. He was a fun person and I think everyone enjoyed him so "Thanks" for the wonderful turnout. Our summer program continues on Tuesday noons throughout July.

I would like to pay a small tribute to a great "friend" of the library who passed away this past week, Dr. Eide. Well for most of us growing up in Hancock in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, he was also most likely our family doctor. I remember him taking care of my parents, my children, and me. It was such a great source of confidence to me in the delivery room when my children were born to see his face behind the mask. Barb Eide was a good friend of mine in school so I spent a lot of time at their home and with their family. I remember many "overnights" when the phone would ring in the middle of the night and Doc would have to leave. I also remember him making a "house-call" to our house once for my mother when she was ill and having him check my throat on a weekend when I just happened to be at the house visiting Barb--the consummate hometown doctor. One of the things that always made an impression on me in the Eide home were all the books--real books with hard covers. I remember the shelves with books on in the living room above Doc's chair and also the shelves in the toy room. He loved to read and also liked poetry, but only if it rhymed. We have continued to see Dr. Eide in these last couple years up at West Wind Village where his room was close to my mother-in-law's room. I'm not sure if he remembered us or not but yet always had a cheery smile and wave. We will miss him! See ya' at the Library