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Looking Back


(Taken from the Thursday, July 15, 1999 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Sue Jeitz was honored by the Hoff Township board for serving as the township treasurer for 21 years. Joanna Rustad will be replacing Sue. Phyllis Harstad is the township clerk. The supervisors are Abe Holleman, Sid Rustad and Leo Lauinger.

The winners of the 5K run over the 4th of July were Tessa Weber in the in the women's division, with Shannon Nuest coming in second. John Goll was the first place finisher in the men's division.


(Taken from the Thursday, July 21, 1994 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Pacific Avenue work began shortly after the Fourth of July. The old concrete has been removed and crews are now concentrating on replacing sewer lines and water mains beneath the street.

The Hancock First Responders were presented with a check for $1,000 from Operation Round-up through Agralite Cooperative. Cathy Joos, First Responder Training Coordinator, accepted the check from Wally Staples and LeRoy Cluever, members of the Agralite Electric Trust Board. The funds will be used to purchase an Early Defibrillator Upgrade Training kit that can be hooked up to Resusci Annie. With this new equipment, they will be able to get more in depth practice for using the defibrillator.


(Taken from the Thursday, July 17, 1969 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Page Lake swimming beach was a popular attraction this week with the community getting its first taste of hot weather. While youngsters predominated the scene a large number of adults were also taking advantage of a refreshing dip or just cooling off in the lake breeze.

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Burnham are the parents of a daughter Ranee Ilene. She was born July 12 and weighed 6 lbs. 1 1/2 oz.


(Taken from the Friday, July 20, 1934 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Mr. and Mrs. John Metzger, accompanied by his mother and son, Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Metzger returned the forepart of this week from Elgin, Ill., where they went Wednesday of last week to attend the funeral services held for Dickie Kellenberger, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kellenberger, formerly of this place. The driveway into the Kellenberger yard at Elgin is up a slope that makes a fine coasting place for the little ones and their carts and in spite of repeated warnings by his folks, Dickie coasted down the driveway Monday of last week, directly into the way of an auto. He was badly crushed but lived for some hours after the accident.


(Taken from the Friday, July 16, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Four persons were killed and over a score were injured by a tornado which swept the Ortonville/Big Stone City area at 4:15 Sunday afternoon. The tornado carried such central energy that it sucked water high up out of Big Stone Lake, hurled itself fiercely across that body of water from the northwest, venting its destructive force up on the railroad yard in the eastern part of the town. The property loss will reach $150,000.

Dr. Ransom has received his new seven-horse power auto bike or motor cycle and is having heaps of fun getting acquainted with the workings of the machine. It has all the latest improvements, including a dynamo to furnish the sparks for the two engines, and when he gets it tuned up the doctor expects to make a mile a minute easily if he don't fall off or have it stop for his breath to catch up.