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Cyrus Area News

North Cyrus

All are sad to hear of Dennis Sayre. Many attended his funeral on Tuesday, July 7 at Trinity Church in Cyrus.

Many in the area attended the parade in the area on the 4th of July.

Burdell Barsness was a visitor at the Richard Barsness home on the 4th of July.

Swan Lake

Good news for Paul Davis. His grandson has passed his air control test. He wants to become an air controller graduate as his brother, John; late grandfather, Stanley Davis; and his sister, Christine Davis Leuthard. It must be in the family to be an air controller as their father was also.

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Holtz from Andover took Amanda Dohlen out to dinner on Sunday, July 5 and they were later afternoon and lunch guests at the Dohlen home.

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haberer and family and Mr. and Mrs. James Ecker spent the 4th of July with Shirley Haberer.

Phyllis Bright visited Amanda Dohlen Thursday afternoon, July 2. Yes, it makes one feel better to have company when you don't feel well.

Good news for Ashley Dohlen--she passed the test to go into medical school.

Dan Helberg and Renee Gorham spent from Friday, July 3 until Sunday, July 5, at the Darlene Lillis lake home near Alexandria. Tammy Ewing and Desery also were guests there from Friday until Sunday. They all celebrated the 4th of July with Darlene.