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Close call for Detroit Lakes family

There was a close call in carbon monoxide poisoning Tuesday night.

At 11:36 p.m. Tuesday, Gary Ware of Detroit Lakes requested an ambulance when he observed his wife and the family's two cats on the floor "breathing strangely," according to the incident report.

He said there was a strange odor in the air that made him think of carbon monoxide.

Police officers reporting to the scene administered oxygen to Ware's wife, and after ambulance attendants arrived, gave oxygen to the pets as well.

Police cleared the house when the victims showed signs of improvement, and the Detroit Lakes Fire Department confirmed it was carbon monoxide, according to the report. The Wares were taken by squad car to St. Mary's Innovis for treatment.

Assisting at the scene were St. Mary's Ambulance EMS workers, Detroit Lakes firefighters and Detroit Lakes police officers David Shawstad and Joe Steffens.