Weather Forecast


Area Weather: Post-July 4 shows temps above normal for a good share of next week

Happy 4th of July Weekend! We could see some scattered showers this weekend. Looking ahead to next week, temperatures will be above normal for a good share of the week along with fairly breezy conditions.

This month there are some interesting sights in the nighttime sky. There will be a full moon on July 7. This moon is known as the "Full Buck Moon" because the antlers of buck deer generally push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur this month. It is also known as the "Full Thunder Moon" because of thunderstorms taking place this month.

In addition, there is a penumbral lunar eclipse also on July 7. However, it will be of such a small eclipse that it will be impossible to detect with the human eye. Have a great week and keep looking up!


A rainbow, of course, is caused by the sun shining on moisture droplets, most commonly in a post-rain atmosphere. A moon bow is much rarer, however, and only seen at night when the moon is low and full to almost full.


In 1999, windstorm knocked down millions of trees in

the BWCA, 19 people were injured. Also, Morris had a record high of 89

degrees on this day.


Moorhead...Low 59...High 78

Duluth...Low 51...High 73

Morris...Low 58...High 82

Twin Cities...Low 63...High 84

Rochester...Low 58 High 81

A few spotty showers and thunderstorms are possible for today..


Partly cloudy, chance of isolated showers/t-storms.

Winds: NW 10-15 mph

Precip: Trace-05"

Today's sunrise: 5:39 a.m.

Today's sunset: 9:14 p.m.

Normal High: 81

Normal Low: 59


• Sunday-Partly cloudy, slight chance of showers/t-storms. High 82 Low 61, Winds: NW at 5-15 mph, Precip: Trace-.10"

• Monday-Partly cloudy, chance of showers/t-storms. High 82 Low 59 NW 10-15 mph. Prec: Trace-.10"

• Tuesday-Partly cloudy, chance of showers/t-storms. High 80 Low 60 Winds: SE 10-20 mph. Prec. Trace-.10"

• Wednesday: Partly cloudy and warm, chance of showers/t-storms. High 87 Low 64 Winds: S 15-20 mph Prec. Trace-.10".