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Talking It Over -- Just wait 'til you grow up

When I was a teenager my mother often responded to my complaints with the statement 'just wait until you grow up'. Well, I am now grown up and believe it or not I really do understand the reasons behind some of the things I complained about as a teen. Here are just a few of my revelations.

In my youth I laughed at old women in bathing suits - now at my age I still like to go swimming.

In my youth I didn't think I needed to eat healthy, drink my milk or avoid greasy foods - now my body is paying me back.

In my youth I thought I knew more than my older and more experienced co-workers - now I work with new college grads.

In my youth I didn't think I needed to go to church - now I am humbled to be able to go.

In my youth I sometimes looked at heavy-set people with disgust- now I am overweight.

In my youth I loved to crank the music up real loud - now every time I have to say 'what?' I regret it.

In my youth I criticized my parents for their rules - now I am a parent.

In my youth I nagged about others keeping me awake with their snoring - now I snore.

In my youth I hated following a car moving along at the speed limit or slower - now I enjoy a leisurely drive.

In my youth I avoided family reunions, visits to nursing homes or hospitals and going to funerals - now I have many friends in these places

In my youth, I thought I knew what I wanted out of life.

Now I realize that life knew what I needed.

Maybe (hopefully?) I am still not done growing up!