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Local runners race in Grandma's Marathon

Of the 5,974 runners that finished the 33rd Annual Grandma's Marathon Saturday in Duluth, at least four of them were local residents, Ben Ehlers, Stefan Lemke, and Holly Carrington of Morris, and Jen Lund of Cyrus.

Lemke, age 16, placed second out of 67 finishers in his age division with a time of 3:25:22. He placed at 320 overall and came in in 279th place among 3,702 males.

Ehlers finished in 3:26:52. He finished 349th overall and 158th out of 1,461 finishers in his age division.

A Minnesota native, Christopher Raabe, won the men's race with his fastest career time of 2:15.13. The Sauk Rapids native now lives in Washington, D.C. He is the first American to win the men's race in 14 years and the first Minnesotan to win since 1982.

Lund finished the marathon in 4:11:10 to place 31st in her division. She placed at 1,602 overall and 404 of the 2,272 female participants.

Carrington's time was 4:25:19. She finished in 377th place of 1,241 in her division.  Her overall placement was 2,255, while she was the 645th female to finish the race.

Mary Akor won her third consecutive women's title with a time of 2:36:52.

With temperatures over 90 degrees and high humidity, over 8,000 athletes started the 26.2-mile marathon with an average finish time of 4:43:15.

Also participating from Morris was Tom Ladner who ran in the Half Marathon.  He finished with a time of 2:25:51 placing 221st out 283 in his age division and 3,815 overall.