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Talking It Over -- Honoring our fathers

This weekend we have an opportunity to do something that many of us set aside or save for special occasions.... thank our fathers. For some reason it is easy to take for granted the many things our fathers do for us and just assume that they know we appreciate it. However, since we have this special day, called Father's Day, we can and should take the time to thank them.

I feel very fortunate to have had a wonderful father who was devoted to his family, worked hard to provide for us and in his own unique way, showed us how much he cared about us. Sometimes it was hard to recognize the love, especially while being disciplined, but it was always there.

Fathers are many things to their children. They are a source of strength, place of refuge, infinite body of wisdom and simply a place to bring all your troubles. They have the solutions to so many problems including how to fix a dripping faucet, over-heated car and struggling garden plot. They come when their children ask for help and stay away when they don't, even though they may know what to do and how to fix it. They recognize that some things just need to be learned 'the hard way'.

The older we get the more we realize how important our fathers are or have been, even as we become or see our spouses in this very same role. Being a good father does not just come naturally but is something you learn by watching other fathers, remembering your own or strive to achieve through careful planning. No matter how it is accomplished, it is important.

This Father's Day I hope each and every father out there is able to spend a fun day surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Perhaps he can also be rewarded with time to spend doing his favorite activities or just being pampered for a short time. However the most important thing we need to all do on Father's Day is to thank the many men who have served as a 'father' figure in our lives and tell them how much we appreciate their strength, guidance and generous support.