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Meeting Agenda

The School Board of

Independent School District 769,

Morris Area Schools, will meet in regular session on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the Morris Senior Nutrition Center (603 Oregon Avenue).



Call to Order Chairman Gartland

Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence

Consideration of the Agenda

Visitor Comments/Public Forum (As Necessary)

Consider Consent Agenda (3-5 minutes)

District Finances

Meeting Minutes


Tiger Pride

Good News, Gifts, and Donations

Routine Business

Approve discontinuing vision insurance for employees

Recognize 2009-2010 health insurance premiums

Renew organizational memberships for 2009-2010

Approve fees and prices for 2009-2010

Accept Cass Clay bid for dairy products

Accept Sara Lee bid for baked goods

Administrative Reports

School Board Reports (4-6 minutes)

Consider Previous Business

2008-2009 Budget Revision (5-7 minutes)

2009-2010 Budget (5-7 minutes)

2009-2010 Support Staff Handbook - Third Reading (1-2 minutes)

Memorandum of Agreement with Scott Monson (1 minute)

Wage and Salary Freeze for Support Staff, Directors, and Supervisors (3-5 minutes)

2009 Legislative Summary (2-3 minutes)

Future School Board Meetings (3-5 minutes)

Consider New Business

Property & Casualty and Worker's Compensation Insurance Package (8-10 minutes)

Health and Safety Attachment 99 (2-3 minutes)

MCA-II and GRAD Preliminary Results (3-5 minutes)

Support Staff Handbook Addendums (3-5 minutes)

Operating Levy Discussion (6-8 minutes)

Closed Session for the Purpose of Negotiations Strategy (As Necessary)

Other Items Deemed Appropriate by the Board