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Talking It Over -- A night of throwing bags of beans can be a lot of fun

You gotta try this

I really didn't know that a person could have fun throwing around a bag of beans. I should add that while throwing you also aim for and try to land inside or near an 8-inch hole cut on a board.

It is called Bean Bags. A fun game that can be played by any age and without too much difficulty.

A few weeks ago my sister asked me if I would be interested in being her partner in a league starting up at Buddies Bar and Grill in Hancock. I usually try to avoid league type play because it means that I am committed to attend every week. However, after giving it some thought and noting that, so far, the teams were comprised of women I would say are non-competitive, I decided to give it a try.

So far we have had two nights of competition and I am thoroughly enjoying it. On the first night, we played a couple from Hancock and lost three games in a row. It was very windy and we struggled to control the bags in the wind. That gave us a good excuse for getting beat 21-0 in the last game.

On Thursday, we learned that a few more teams joined the league and our competition was two young men. They quickly informed us that they had little experience in the game, just like us. It was a close battle in the first game and they won by two points. The second game was not quite as close and by the third, they definitely had the upper hand and once again we lost in three.

It was lots of fun and did not require a great deal of physical strength or energy. Basically it is a game in which women can compete on an equal basis with men.

The best part about the league, however, is that it gets me out of my recliner at night, away from the TV for awhile and out of the house. My husband comes along, watches and advises, and when we are done we can relax and enjoy the company of our fellow 'baggers'.

I have to say that throwing around a few bags of beans is a fun and entertaining way to spend a summer evening. I would recommend it to anyone.