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Cyrus Area News

North Cyrus

Mrs. Donald Thompson was among many who attended a baby shower for Robyn Krasky and her newborn daughter.

Donald and David Rosholt attended graduation on Sunday for Jacob Rosholt at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Jerry Edlund and Gavin spent the weekend at the Leroy Edlund home.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edlund also spent the weekend at the Leroy Edlund home.

Travis Ewy of St. Paul Park spent Saturday and Sunday at the Dennis Sayre home.

Nick Reese from Colorado and Al Reese of New London were Sunday evening at the Dennis Sayre home.

Swan Lake

Lenny Scott was a visitor of William Strand at the Strand home on Monday.

Alyssa Haberer graduated with honors from West Central Lakes College at Brainerd on May 14. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haberer, Reid Haberer and Shirley Haberer attended the graduation.

Lynn Gades of Morris spent last weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gades.

Shirley Haberer, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haberer, Darlene Olson, and Barb Olson attended the funeral for Curt Mathiason at the Lutheran Church in Hartington, Neb., a week ago Thursday.

Darlene Olson and Barb Olson were overnight guests that previous Thursday of Shirley Haberer.


It was Recognition Sunday for the Sunday School at Trinity Church this past Sunday. There were two seniors who graduated from the school who were members of Trinity Church.

The group known as the Godly Women Out Of History gave a program at Brea Lutheran Church in Alexandria on Saturday.

The following were lunch guests Saturday at the John Dickey home: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kannegiesser, Mrs. Donald Thompson, Edna Dohmstreich, Rosey Christiansen, Marie Ackerman, Robyn Krasky and girls, Kevin Dickey and Christa Dickey. The occasion was to make the acquaintance with Brooke Krasky, daughter of Robyn and Andrew Krasky.

The following were visitors Friday afternoon at the Joe Wersinger home to help Joe celebrate his birthday: Valorie Schmidt, Croell Andersen, Mark Ericksen and Joyce Moen.

Charles Barsness of St. Paul spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Burdell Barsness.

Betty Anderson spent the weekend at the Dale Logan home and she accompanied them to services Sunday at the Minnewaska Church in Starbuck.

The following attended a baby shower for Brooke Krasky on Saturday afternoon at the John Dickey home: Mrs. Donald Thompson, Mrs. Larry Kannegiesser, Christi Dickey, Marie Akerman, Robyn Krasky, Edna Dohmstreich and Kevin Dickey.