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Talking It Over -- Top 10 things to remember when heading out for a day of fishing

Fishing season officially opened last weekend. We live on a lake but did not have the time, or maybe I should say energy, to put the boat in the water and give it a try. However we did notice the nearly 100 boats full of avid fisher-persons giving it their best.

Instead, our opening day was spent working around the yard doing things like putting in the dock and mowing lawn. My husband has been doing some work on the boat so I know that there is hope for eventually getting it in the lake and doing some serious fishing of our own.

As we prepare to fish, there are a number of relevant items that we will need to include in our trip. The following is a list of possible needs for fishermen or women and those long-awaited fishing outings.

1. A fishing license. The time to think about this is not when you are out on the lake and a DNR boat is quickly coming toward you.

2. Rods and reels. Be sure to not change the line so that you can always use this for an excuse when you aren't able to land that big one that 'always gets away'. You should also have several rods set up for different types of fishing so you don't have to change everything over when one type isn't biting.

3. Tackle. Here again you have to be sure to have a variety of shapes and colors for different types of fish. And no matter how many you have, the guy next to you, who is catching all the fish, is sure to be using one you don't have.

4. A tackle box. A vital thing needed to store all those lures, along with hooks, bobbers, extra line, extra leaders, artificial bait, pliers to dig out hooks, first aid kits to fix hooked skin and many more necessary pieces of equipment.

5. Hats, suntan lotion and winter coat. No matter what the weather's like when you head out it's sure to be the opposite when you get there.

6. Bug spray. Bugs love to bug fishermen.

7. Life Jackets for everyone in the boat. They make great cushions to sit on and also come in handy if the boat flips over or you fall in while pulling in that lunker.

8. A cooler full of sandwiches and pop. Everyone knows a fish is sure to bite as soon as you get something in your hand to eat or drink.

9. A leader for fish. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a live well then you need a leader to string the fish. But then again it seems you always get a fish if you forget to take one along, so maybe you should leave it home.

10. Last but not least, oars. Just in case that motor you haven't looked at since last fall decides to act up.

Now after getting all this loaded in the boat and you find there is still room to sit, be sure to stop at the nearest bait shop to stock up on at least a dozen of every kind they handle (you can never be sure what the fish will bite on). They will let you know where the fish are biting and you can join the hundreds of other fishermen sent there. Sounds like a fun day to me, how about you?