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Talking It Over -- A mother's love at any age

Each year just before Mother's Day, I find myself feeling a sense of longing. It is a wish that never seems to go away. A need or desire to see and talk to my mother just one more time.

Despite the fact that my mom has been gone for nine years, the yearning to once again feel my mother's love never goes away. It is always with me, but it becomes more of an issue around Mother's Day, a time when we like to remember our mothers, show them how much we appreciate them and, if we are very wise, tell them how much we love them.

There really is nothing like a mother's love. It is so unconditional, forgiving and understanding. Mothers often know their children better than anyone else ever will and are willing to accept nearly anything their child says or does. It is just part of being a mother.

It doesn't really matter how old we are or even if we are mothers (or grandmothers) ourselves. Those facts almost make it more important to have your mother there to talk to. I wish quite often that I could ask my mom how she did things and why they always seemed to end up perfect.

My mom was not only a great mom but she was a wonderful grandmother. Now, as I find myself at that stage in life, I wish I could take just a handful of the things she did for her grandchildren and pass them on to my own. She always had time for them and whenever they would visit she had special things they would do together, treats they made or places they visited. I sometimes had trouble convincing them to come home with me again.

Since my mom is no longer here to advise me on motherhood and grandparenting, I have no option but to learn by her example. I simply remember how she reacted or treated her own and try to do the same. It is not an easy task. She left very big shoes to fill.

I hope each of you is fortunate enough to have your mother or grandmother with you on Mother's Day. If not, then I encourage you to share your appreciation for your mother by remembering other mothers, not only those with children, but those who are mothers simply through their nurturing ways. Then take some time to be thankful for the wonderful gift we were given -- our mother.