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Date with Dignity for fathers, daughters to build relationships

By Tom Larson

Sun Tribune

Dads and daughters can spend their entire lives together without really knowing what makes the other tick. Both can miss out on a lot.

Turning the tables on that societal barrier is the impetus behind the Date with Dignity formal evening on May 2 sponsored by the Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center.

The event is intended to give dads and father figures a night out with their daughters and the chance to build or nurture healthy relationships, said center director Theresa Fisher.

Hopefully, by enjoying a special evening together, daughters can become more familiar with their fathers, their kindness, character and love, and begin to set a standard for what they should look for in a future relationship. Fathers, in turn, can spend time bolstering their daughters' feelings of worth and dignity, Fisher said.

"It's about dads, daughters and building healthy relationships," she said. "We're hoping it's the starting point. It's a place to start. It's not about the date as much as building the relationship."

The daughters are asked to wear a formal gown or dress, and fathers are encouraged to wear a suit or tuxedo. The event, which is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., begins with a dinner at LaFave House, and then an evening of fun activities at Legacy Living, such as a movie, dancing, games and other surprise gift presentations. The event is free but a free will offering is available, Fisher said.

Those wishing to attend should RSVP to Fisher at (320) 589-0300 or by email at The event is for girls up to age 18, and while there is no minimum age, Fisher said it's intended for daughters who "are old enough to figure out dad is important in their lives and then building on that relationship."

The Date with Dignity event also calls attention to the Life Care Pregnancy Center's move to a new location. The center moved from its location near the Morris Theatre to a new space above the Licensing Bureau. The new location opened April 1.

In addition to more space, the center also is offering new services. The center offers free counseling and free pregnancy testing, along with baby furniture, clothing and other necessities.

The center is not an income-based operation, meaning that anyone can use its services. It can be an important option for families during difficult economic times, Fisher said.

"If you're running short that month and you need diapers, we've got them," she said. "If you need formula, we've got it."

The center offers parenting programs and a new program to help clients who have babies or are expecting with budgeting advice. Another new program is aimed at counseling program for men facing an unplanned pregnancy.

"It's becoming a more popular program in other areas," Fisher said. "Men might be asking, 'What do I do? How do I be a dad?"

For more information on the center, visit the Web site