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St. Mary's School Samplings

Kindergarten: Our week was super busy with swimming lessons! We look forward each day to go out to the Regional Fitness Center for our lessons, but we are tired at the end of the day. We enjoyed hearing some fantastic speeches given by our very own fifth and sixth graders--glad we didn't have to be a judge. We went to the UMM on Friday for the play "Jack and the Beanstalk." Wow! Do they ever do a nice job!

Grade 1: This week in math we were working with words telling about position and directions. We also identified solid figures, how many faces they have, and recognized open and closed figures and how many corners and sides they have. Our story was a factual story that told us many facts about the brown bear of Alaska. We went to the UMM play on Friday to see the play "Jack and the Beanstalk". We listened to the 5th and 6th graders tell their speech stories on Wednesday. They did a great job. We have also been going to swimming lessons every day this week.

Grade 2: We have had a busy week with swimming lessons in the afternoon. This week, we finished our science unit on states of matter. We also completed our math unit on fractions. We enjoyed going to the 5th and 6th grade speech contest on Wednesday. The speeches were well presented and lots of fun to listen to.

Grade 3: This week we started some work with comparing and ordering fractions and then explored finding parts of a group with them. We started our Red Cross swimming lessons at the RFC, listened to the fifth and sixth grade speech contest on Wednesday, and enjoyed the UMM Children's play "Jack and the Beanstalk" on Friday morning. Wednesday we celebrated "Administrative Assistant Day" and appreciate Darla Loher and all she does for us at the school!

Grade 4: This week the fourth graders have been learning new things during their swimming lessons at the RFC in the afternoon. We have started a new math chapter about measurement and have been learning about different customary measurements. We took a science test on the solar system and a social studies test on the Southwest region of the United States. So far we have visited 36 different states for our Flat Stanley project.

Grade 5: This week the fifth graders have been busy with speech contests. We had our classroom contest on Monday and the all-school contest on Wednesday. The participants in the all-school competition were: Rachel Rausch, Olivia Papiernik, Anika Mundal, Lexi Mahoney, Conner Riley, Madison Hennen, and Eric Staebler. Advancing to the area contest held on Saturday are: Rachel Rausch, Olivia Papiernik, and Madison Hennen. I would like to congratulate these students on working hard and doing a sensational job!

Grade 6: This week we had our St. Mary's Speech contest. Sixth grade participants included: Ben Folkman, Andrew Goulet, Bo Gullickson, Kindra Cannon, Peter Schneider, Kelsey Curfman, Mike Rausch, and Aaron Lawrence. Congratulations and good luck to Ben, Andrew, Bo, and Mike, who advanced to the area speech contest on Saturday! On Friday we attended the UMM play, "Jack and the Beanstalk."

Upcoming Events

April 26-Pancake breakfast

April 28-Home and School meeting, 7 p.m.

May 6-Preschool Night, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

May 6-Grade 5 to Safety Day Camp

May 6-Grade 4 to Wahpeton Air Show