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Letters to the Editor

Program, kids exceptional

On April 17, a number of senior citizens, as part of the Learning Unlimited program, was privileged to hear Gordon Fredrickson perform his program of country life in a bygone era. Of course, we of this age group could relate to so many of his stories. So, thanks to the author and to the group that brought his to the area.

In the audience were 6th grade students from Morris Area, St. Mary's and Chokio-Alberta. In addition to enjoying the presentation, it was so rewarding to see how these students responded to it. They were attentive and respectful at all times, even when Fredrickson had problems with the slide show. I came away feeling fulfilled by the program, but also feeling so good about the young people being raised in our communities.

Carol Ritter


Poppy Week time to remember

American Legion Auxiliary volunteers will distribute the familiar red, hand-crafted poppies honoring America's war dead. From May 4 through May 9, which is Poppie Week, the volunteers also will visit each business establishment in Morris, Alberta, Cyrus, Donnelly and Hancock with our poppy cards and ask for a donation to support the local programs for the benefit of the veterans and their families, and it also honors the millions of Americans who have willingly served their country in seven decades.

With our National Guard being deployed for the second time, this is one way to be reminded of their sacrifice and being away from their families and loved ones. This poppy honors all American veterans.

LaDonna Stock

Poppy Chairman

Morris Legion Auxiliary