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Talking It Over -- On the verge of deployment

With the ceremonies this weekend and pending deployment of area National Guard members, it is an emotional time. The first deployment several years ago was something new for those going and those left behind. However, this time around, most know what to expect and what a long and fearful wait it will be.

I have to believe that our troops know how much we care and that we will be thinking of them. It will be a difficult year for them so far away from home and constantly worrying about not only their own safety and that of their fellow soldiers, but also about their family and friends back home.

The idea of these young men and women spending time in a foreign country, fighting the war on terrorism means even more after I read my fathers letters written during World War II. It is almost heart-breaking at times to read about their loneliness, fear, courage and self-sacrifice. To think about the many little things they miss out on back home and to realize the danger they face each day.

I just want to say in this column that we are so proud of them and a piece of our hearts will be going with them. We hope and pray daily for their safety and they can rest assured that those of us back home will be watching out for their loved ones. Words can not express our feelings. Just know that we care and will be waiting patiently for the big celebration ceremony upon your return.