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Fargo releases contingency evacuation plan

By Patrick Springer

Forum Communications

Fargo officials announced contingency plans to evacuate seven sectors of the city in the event an evacuation becomes necessary during the flood.

"At the present time there is no plan or need for immediate evacuation," Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes said Friday when officials outlined the plan.

Evacuation notifications will be sent on the CodeRED phone notification system and the Emergency Broadcast System. Sirens also will be sounded if there is a breach of a levee or sandbag wall.

Those notified to evacuate should immediately head for high ground, including the city center. Evacuees should immediately proceed toward the area east of Interstate 29 and north of 32nd Avenue South.

Specific evacuation routes have not been identified, because it is impossible to predict areas where a levee might fail and what streets will remain above water, Ternes said.

Once evacuated, people should turn to local radio stations while driving toward higher ground. Information about routes will be announced over the radio.

Residents within the contingency area are urged to take steps, including the following:

- Be prepared to evacuate homes when alerted by the city. Take all necessary health and medical supplies, and pets.

- Remove cars from your property and park them outside any secondary dike. Ensure that large public safety vehicles, including fire trucks, can get through.

- Those choosing to remain in their home to monitor dikes should make safe arrangements for their children, family and pets to move them outside the threatened area.

- Plug all floor drains in basements or lower levels of homes.

- Shut off your water before you leave your home.

- Residents can continue to use their showers and drinking water until notified otherwise.

To learn more about what the contingency evacuation plan means to you, click on the link for "Evacuation plans for Fargo residents," find your the section you live in and then click on the contingency plan for that section.