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Talking It Over -- Back in the good ol' U.S.A.

Western Union Telegraph - Dec. 22, 1944

Camp Shanks, NY

Mrs. Jacob Van Eps

Hancock, Minn

I am back in the U.S.A. and will be home soon.

I am at New York at present. Love, Jacob

March 13, 1945

Dear Jen,

Just a few lines to let you now that I'm still okay. I guess I'm leaving here Friday and I plan on staying in denver over the weekend so I should be home about Thursday or Friday of next week. I was really surprised when they told me I was going to be discharged. I never had the slightest idea of it. They gave us all a physical here and the last doctor that I came to said I'd have to go for a recheck as my nerves weren't very steady. I went for a recheck a few days later and he gave me a pretty good going over. He told me that I'd been in the front lines too long and he said that he would send me to the hospital for some treatments. I got in the hospital and there I saw another doctor and he gave me another going over and he said that I wouldn't get any treatments, as they wouldn't do me much good. He had been over in Africa and Italy and he was a pretty swell guy.

He took my life history and a few days later I had to go and see some big shots and then I knew what it was all about. They looked me over and they said they thought I'd had enough of the war and they told me I was going home. At first they wanted to send me to a veterans hospital but they said if I'd take it easy a while when I got home it would be alright. I don't think I'm half as nervous now as when I first got home but I guess they know more about it than I do and I wasn't going to argue with them.

They asked me if I wanted pension and I told them that I didn't think I needed it but they might give it to me anyway. They told me today that they had a little difficulty with my papers. There wasn't enough room on my discharge papers to list all the battles that I had been in so they had to put it into phrases. There was something like thirty battles and I think they split it up into four phases.

That's about all there was to it and now I'm just waiting for them to get things fixed up. It won't do no good to write anymore letters as you'll just get them back anyway now.

Well, I'll sign off for now. So long with loads of love and kisses for you and Jeanie.

From your Hubby and Daddy, Jake