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Nevis patrons told to 'be good or be gone'

Vulgarity in the Nevis liquor store may be coming to a halt.

Foul language in the muni led to liquor store commissioner Heidi Schmeichel posting a sign advising patrons, "Be good or be gone."

But the sign disappeared and profanities proliferated.

"I'm asking for your help so this is not blown out of proportion," Schmeichel told liquor store manager Kathy Plumley at this week's council meeting.

Schmeichel asked Plumley to enforce a city ordinance addressing conduct in the liquor store.

"All persons in the dispensary will act in an adult and respectful manner," the ordinance states. "Any person using foul language will be suspended from the premises for 30 days."

Schmeichel asked for a meeting with employees to address the subject, which she asked to attend.

"This has gotten way out of hand," Schmeichel said.

But Plumley said she's heard no complaints. "I've told people to lighten up, to tone it down."

"We're aiming at the 'F bomb,'" acting mayor Paul Schroeder said. (Dave McCurnin was not present at the meeting.) "We need support on that. If they keep on saying it, give a warning. We will get into a sticky situation if it's not enforced... But we'd be naïve to think there will be no swearing in a bar."

Karl Dierkhising agreed. "That's unrealistic."

Schmeichel reiterated her earlier request for a meeting with employees - full- and part-time.

Meanwhile, liquor store profits are up from last year. The liquor store reported an income of $2,442 in February (compared with negative $813 last year). Year-to-date profits are $3,994, compared with $1,103 in 2008.