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Talking It Over -- Praying for a happy reunion


September 5, 1944

Darling Jen,

I met up with one of my buddies from Fort Sill in Rome sometime ago and visited with him. He expects to go home soon. I've been expecting that for so long but it never comes true. They started rotation in this outfit now but I don't know if it will do me much good.

Today is an anniversary for me. It's just two years ago that I waved the Statue of Liberty goodbye and I hope and pray that I'll see it again before another year passes.

The news sounds pretty good and I hope it ends up here pretty soon. I went to find out about this demobilization plan the other day and the guy said I'd have a pretty good chance of getting a discharge after it's over, over here. Of course that's only his idea but I sure hope that he's right. I have got 8 more months overseas than some of the guys that are getting out and also combat service which should make a difference.

The Germans seem to be putting up a quite a little fight. I don't think they'll be able to hold out so long though anymore. I sure hope our armies start rolling again and get it over with. Well the big shots seem to think it won't last so long anymore. I looked up how many battles I have been in the other day. I've been in twenty two battles so far. Of course they weren't all major ones but some of them were just as tough as any major battle.

Ever praying for a happy reunion soon.

From your ever loving Hubby Jake