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"He lies in an unmarked grave."

I've always felt that was one of the saddest sentences in the English language.

That's why I'd like to see the grave marked of Francis Arthur Mullen in Calvary Cemetery in Morris .

Mr. Mullen came to Morris in 1896 and was associated with the department store of Olson, Guter, Healy. Two years later he opened a shoe and men's furnishing in Morris. When the Pioneer Building burned in 1913, Mr. Mullen built the present Pioneer Building, thus leaving a mark on Morris.

I feel his grave should be marked, because:

• Mr. Mullen was important to the business district of Morris.

• Mr. Mullen was a member of the Morris Fire Department.

• Mr. Mullen was also a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Therefore, I am hoping some business people in Morris and the Morris Fire Department would start a fund to buy a stone to mark his grave. The cost is from $400 to $600, but a South Dakota firm said it might be able to reduce the price of the stone. Maybe someone who sells stones in Morris could help, also. The Knights of Columbus have agreed to set the stone marker.

Mr. Mullen's wife and infant son are also buried next to him, and I believe it would be proper to also place their names on that stone.

The military always says it takes care of its own, and in this case, I am hoping business folks and the Morris Fire Department personnel can, somehow, raise these funds to mark the grave of an early Morris pioneer, and take care of one of its own.

Ted Storck

Surprise, Arizona

and Morris