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Cyrus Area News

North Cyrus

Mrs. Gordon Thompson was among the members of the Ruth Circle which met Tuesday morning at the Trinity Church in Cyrus.

Mrs. John Dosdall tells me many attended the funeral for Hazel Payne at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Alexandria on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gilbertson of Glenwood were Sunday afternoon visitors of Elizabeth Braaten and David Braaten.

Janelle Bright and Mary Bright spent the weekend at the Wayne Bright home.

Donald Bright spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bright.

Betty Anderson was a Sunday overnight guest at the Dale Logan home.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bright were Sunday afternoon and supper guests at the John Carruth home in Danvers.

Swan Lake

Shirley Haberer was again honored this weekend to have Mr. and Mrs. James Ecker and some of their family spend the weekend with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Dohlen attended a tennis match which Ashley Dohlen took part in with her team from Bethel College Saturday. They also were visitors at the Jim Hennen home.

William Strand spent Sunday afternoon with his friend, Lennie Scott in Morris at the Scott home.

Amanda Dohlen spent a short time over the weekend at the Stevens Community Medical Center. She is now doing well.


Mae Olson attended the funeral for Hazel Payne on Monday in Alexandria at Calvary Lutheran Church.

Fran Skare has been a patient at the Stevens Community Medical Center. She is now in the Minnewaska Home in Starbuck.

Margie Olsen of Anoka, LeAnn Slanga of East Bethel and Nancy Ebert of Crystal were visitors of Mae Olson from Friday until Tuesday this week.

Eilert and Dorraine Beyer received news Monday of the birth that evening of their first great-grandson, Fisher Dwight Gott, born to Cory Gott and Reiny Felstead. Reiny is the daughter of Jon and Michelle Felstead of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Eilert and Dorraine Beyer of Cyrus and Duane Beyer went to Rice Memorial, Willmar Thursday evening to get acquainted with their new great-grandson, Pearce Philip Jewell, son of Alex and Brianna Jewell. Brianna is the Beyer's granddaughter and daughter of Pam and Tim Wasmund of Boyd.

Eilert and Dorraine Beyer spent Saturday evening at the Vernon and Kim Quaal home and babysat Morgan, Cole, Shanda and Holden while their parents attended the Lions' Governor visit and supper in Underwood.

Sunday Eilert and Dorraine Beyer of Cyrus and Duane Beyer and Vernon and Kim Quaal and family of Underwood visited at the Tim and Pam Wasmund home and to see the new baby, Pearce Philip Jewell, and his parents, Brianna and Alex Jewell of Boyd.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Estenson and Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Estenson, Marjorie Alfson and daughter, Yvonne, and Tanya and Taryn Paul all helped Lila Estenson celebrate her birthday Sunday evening. They also enjoyed dinner with her at the Prairie Inn in Morris at noon Sunday. Many more great birthdays we wish her.

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Estenson and Lila Estenson visited Sunday afternoon with Fran Skare at the Minnewaska Home.

Genny Anderson of Glenwood visited Sunday evening with Edna Dohmstreich.

Inspite of the cold weather many attended church services Sunday at Trinity Church, Cyrus. Many from the area attended the gathering for supper Tuesday evening at the First Lutheran Church in Morris.

Burdell Barsness was among many to enjoy dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barsness at their cabin near the shores of Blackwell Lake near Alexandria Sunday.

Burdell Barsness recently spent 16 days at the Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris.