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Talking It Over -- No singing in these rains

My father, Jake, was a part of the 133rd Infantry which during this time was involved with the capture of Montaquilla and the clearing of the hill mass between that town and Fillignano in Italy. Throughout the period of the assault, the American troops fought in constant rain, mud, wind and cold with absolutely no specialized winter equipment. Every man in the Division lived in sodden clothing with no waterproof boots, his feet so cold and wet, that trench foot was a disease almost impossible to avoid. The offensive was halted for a short time and resumed in late November. Late in the day on Nov. 30, the 3,300 foot mountain of Mt. Pantano was captured from the Germans by the 133rd Infantry.


November 5, 1943

Darling Jen,

I've been writing so much v-mail lately that I thought maybe you'd like a common letter for a change. It will be a good way to celebrate my birthday. Just think, I'm 24 years old already but I feel like I'm fifty. I'm even getting a few gray hairs. What do you think about that? I sure wish I could of got Jeanie something but when a fellow is fighting he don't get in to many big towns and when he does he don't get time to look around. Maybe I'll get a chance to go to Rome as soon as we capture it. I sure hope so.

Now I've got a little surprise for you Hon if you promise not to worry yourself half to death. I'm in the hospital at present. It's the second time I've been in the hospital since I landed in Italy. I had malaria and was in the hospital 15 days only I didn't tell you about it because I was afraid you'd worry too much. I was out just two weeks and now I'm back in with malarira again. It isn't such a bad sickness. You have a pretty high temperature for a few days and then you take pills for about two weeks. It's just a nice little rest. It seems good to get away from all the noise and racket of battle for a while. Just don't worry about me because I'm coming along okay.

The news is pretty good lately and I sure hope and pray that this war will soon fold up. Just so we don't have to go to the Pacific when we get done here. Well, I'll have to sign off sweetheart. So long and I'm praying for a safe return soon. Loads of love and kisses,

Your hubby, Jake