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Pope County deputy fires at suspect in car while on business in Fergus Falls

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. - A Pope County sheriff's deputy fired shots at a suspect in a car during a traffic stop Friday.

Fergus Falls police chief Tim Brennan says the deputy pulled over a car for a minor traffic violation. The deputy was in Fergus Falls on department business.

Brennan said that while the deputy was talking to the driver, the suspect made a sudden move. Thinking the suspect was reaching for a gun, the deputy fired two shots.

Brennan says it's not clear whether the suspect actually had a gun.

The suspect fled and lost control of his vehicle, ending up in a snow bank. Then the suspect ran on foot and was caught. The suspect has a foot injury, but it's not immediately clear if he had been shot in the foot or was hurt while trying to flee.

The driver is being held on suspicion of drug possession.