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Talking It Over -- Getting old Christmas cards

This is the seventh letter sent from my father to my mother during his service in World War II:

French North Africa

March 22, 1943

Darling wife,

I received two of your letters written the 19th and 20th of February containing the sad news of the death of Jane. Naturally it came as a quite a shock but the Lord's ways are not our ways and I feel that she is now in a much happier home than this earth can afford. I only hope and pray that the Lord will let us keep Jean and that she will make up for the loss of Janice and Jane. I received about ten letters yesterday. I received a letter from the minister. He wrote and told me the text he used at Jane's funeral. He had a wonderful text and I don't doubt but that he also had a nice sermon. I wrote him a quite a long letter the other day but I think I will write him again today if I have time.

As I told you in a letter earlier, we are up in the front lines now. We are not allowed to tell of any of our experiences but we are allowed to say that we are up here. There's plenty of excitement and plenty of thrills.

The weather is swell here. The flowers are in full bloom. Me and my bunk mate just got done picking some. We plan on saving them. We're pressing them now. We got about 20 different kinds. There's all kinds of cactus around here too but I guess I won't try to save any of that. I am still in the best of health and I'm glad to hear that you are too. I've been losing a little weight lately but that doesn't hurt me in the least because I have a little to spare. I imagine by the time you get this letter you'll be busy planting grain. I wish I could get in on some of it.

Well Hon, I haven't much more news for today so I guess I'll sign off. I got a few old Christmas cards last week yet. I guess I should write and thank them for them. Well Hon, so long and keep on praying.

Your ever faithful hubby, Jake