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'Lysistrata Interruptae' encore performance Tuesday, Feb. 17 at UMM

MAHS English and Theatre teacher Dave Johnson, the director of the play, holds the sub-section plaque. He is pictured with the cast and crew of "Lysistrata Interruptae," Anika Kildegaard, Thomas Roberts (named an Outstanding Performer by judges), Otto Kildegaard, Olivia Pilarski, Ashley Karst, Johanna Luetmer, Jen Buchanan, Tabitha Klages, Laura Lou Delehanty, Krista Matthews-Saugstad, Kelsey Mitteness, Bess Boever, Alex McIntosh, Timm Uhlmann, Thomas McPhee, Katie Monroe, and Zach Stahman. Not pictured ...

The Morris Area One Act Play cast will present an encore performance of their section-winning play "Lysistrata Interruptae" at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the Proscenium Theatre at the University of Minnesota, Morris.

The Morris Area production placed first in the sub-section competition last week, then was a unanimous winner in its Class A section contest this week.

The cast performed in the state One Act Play Fesival at O'Shaugnessy Theatre on Friday. No results of the cast's state performance were available when the Sun Tribune went to press Friday afternoon. It was Morris Area's first trip to state since 2004.

The Class AA and Class A competitions are Thursday and Friday in the the 61st annual Minnesota State High School League One Act Play Festival.

The annual festival is not a competition, with each production will be judged and publicly critiqued immediately following each performance.

Each cast attempts to achieve an exceptional rating known as a "starred performance."

"Lysistrata Interruptae" was conceived by the Morris Area students and Johnson after learning of another Minnesota One Act cast encountering censorship of its performance of "Lysistrata." The students all contributed to the script, which was written with the help of Morris poet and authoer, Athena Kildegaard.

This was Morris Area's 12th state performance, and the school earned starred performance rankings in 1963, 1978, 1999, 2000 and 2004.