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Organization pushing for new energy initiatives is planning to host summit this month in Willmar

WILLMAR -- Newly formed grassroots organization Citizens Energy Plan will be conducting its first energy summit with the goal to "generate the conversation.''

It will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Holiday Inn and Willmar Conference Center.

The conference will feature some of the leading advocates for new energy development, including: Joe Shuster, author of "Beyond Fossil Fools"; Massoud Amin, University of Minnesota professor; Christina Pierson of Partners for Affordable Energy; Mark Glaess, Minnesota Rural Electric Cooperatives; Donna Boonstra, director, and Lee Byberg, president, of Citizens Energy Plan; and Rolf Nordsrom, director, Great Plains Institute.

Citizens Energy Plan aims to present to Congress a comprehensive, affordable, nonpartisan and sustainable national energy plan by September 2010.

"We want everyone to know what Citizens Energy Plan is about and what we are doing right here in Willmar that will make a difference in developing a national energy plan for future generations," said Donna Boonstra, executive director, in a news release announcing the summit.

The summit fee is $50, which includes membership in Citizens Energy Plan and lunch. Registration can be made online at or by contacting Boonstra at 320-222-3060.