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Talking It Over -- Learning of triplets from afar

I would like to add a comment before you read the next letter from my father. On Oct. 31, 1942, my mom gave birth to triplet girls. They did not know they were having triplets until she delivered. My father was notified of the birth through a telegram sent on Nov. 13, 1942, and he was just as surprised as everyone else. His only glimpse of his new little girls was a picture of the three babies in the old Morris Hospital nursery. During this time, there was an influenza epidemic in this area. The tiny babies weighed under two pounds each and had to remain in the hospital and be watched very closely.

January 8, 1943

Dear Sweetheart,

Well we are in French North Africa and a person certainly wouldn't think that it is January. The weather is quite warm here now. The country is much different than England or Ireland. The people here are very strange too. They dress very queeer like and we can't understand anything they say. They come around with oranges and we trade stuff with them. We can't understand them and they can't understand us so we use our hands to talk with. I got quite a few Christmas cards and so on this last week. I also got my Birthday and Christmas box. I didn't get your Christmas package yet but I suppose I'll get it soon I hope. I was glad to hear that you and the triplets were all alright and you can't imagine how much I'd like to be there when they come home.

I received your letter with the pictures of the triplets. It is the one you sent on the 1st of January. They certainly are cute and it kinda makes me feel homesick. I certainly would like to see them. The boys were all anxious to see them so I gave them one picture to put up on the bulletin board as I won't have time to let everybody see them. I am going to the hopital this morning with a case of the mumps. It is just a common case and I feel quite healthy so don't worry sweetheart. I'll just be quarantined for about 20 days.

Well, so long Hon, I'll try and write as often as I can sweetheart and keep smiling. Hoping and praying for a safe return soon. with loads of love and kisses,

Your Hubby Jake