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Talking It Over -- Another wartime letter home

Here's part three of "Praying for a safe return," a series of letters my father wrote to my mother during World War II:

September 3, 1942

Camp Kilmer NJ

Dear Sweetheart,

Well Hon, I guess we'll be pulling out of here pretty soon. We had our pictures and finger prints taken and I guess we are about ready to go now. A furlough is completely out of the question. The only way to get home and that isn't for sure is in case of an emergency. I never expected to go across so quick. This is the worst time of my life but I can say this, I am sure the Lord is on my side and everything will turn out alright in the end.We aren't for sure where we'll go but I think it will be Ireland.

Don't worry too much Hon. Just take good care of yourself sweetheart and take good care of Junior. Just keep on praying and remember there's a greater Power that runs and regulates our lives. Of course everybody isn't coming back but we shouldn't feel that way about it. We''ll figure that as soon as this war is over I'll come back to you. And pray that it won't last too long. I'll never forget you sweetheart as long as I live and you are the one I'm fighting for. It is hard to think of leaving the U.S. and home so far behind but there are lots of boys in the same boat.

So Long, Love Jake