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Morris Area honors paraprofessionals

Jan. 20-26 is Paraprofessional Recognition Week, and the Morris Area School District is recognizing the significant and important role paraeducators play in schools.

The role of a paraeducator, according to the National Resource Center for Paraeducators in Minnesota, is an employee whose position is either instructional in nature or who provides other direct or indirect services to students and/or their families while working under the supervision of a teacher.

Morris Area Elementary School paraeducators include: Diane Aeikens, Donna Ascheman, Vicky Beyer, Peter Boever, Vicki Cannon, Sue Erdahl-Nelson, Abby Exner, Lori Fangmeier, Kathy Feuchtenberger, Sue Hill, Abbey Johnson, Stephanie Kelly, Kristie Kloos, Corrine Knochenmus, Denise Koebernick, Lisa Lorenz, Joel Matson, Kris Mattson, Heather Montonye, Catherine Rach, Margie Stoick, Lori Sperr, Brandi Thielke, and Sharon VanHorn.

Paraeducators at Morris Area High School include: Lorena Alexander, Linda Anderson, Vicky Brandt, Bobby Coleman, Claire Exner, Paulette Garoutte, Paul Hamann, Janet Hengemuhle, Marleen Nelson, Trish Paul, Sue Schuster, Tamara Schuster, Janet Siegel, Lenora Waddell, and Tanya Wassink.

The Early Childhood/Community Education Paraeducators include: Karin Anderson, Lorie Hansen, Julie Koehl, Jessica Pope, and Dawn Thiel.

"These employees spend their days doing a variety of instructional and supervisory tasks, including everything from working with students on math and reading to helping students learn and perform various life skills," said Morris Area Superintendent Scott Monson. "They play an important role in the overall educational process and are a critical part of the success we have. We are proud of our paraprofessionals, thank them for a job well done, and are pleased to recognize them this week."