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Talking It Over -- Still praying for a safe return

Last week, I reprinted a letter my father sent to my mother during World War II. Here's another letter:

June 16, 1942

Fort Sill , Oklahoma

Dear Mrs,

I got your letter and package today. Thanks for the candy and oranges. I got some lunch now. We don't get lunch, only what we get ourselves. I should have enough underwear and socks now. I'm kinda short on towels and handkerchiefs though. I should be able to take a few pictures now too. I had one roll of film. I borrowed a camera and bought a few rolls of film but only filled one roll. You wanted a picture of me in my uniform but we are not allowed to wear our uniforms now. We only wear those in the winter time. We have summer uniforms to wear now. They took some big pictures of the whole battery. I bought one so I'll send it home as soon as I get it.

I got more letters from the folks and friends. One letter of the folks was opened. The army must have figured there was some sabotage going on. There's a guy passing out suckers so I'll take time out to have a snack. The one letter from the folks was mailed the 10th so it took five days before I got it.

Well sweetheart, we did some shooting today. I don't know what kind of a score I got. They aren't figured up yet. Those army rifles sure got the kick to them. They kick worse than an old rusty twelve gauge. My shoulder isn't so terrible sore though a little black and blue. We shot 35 shots one right after another.

My friend Bob isn't feeling so good today. He just got word that his brother was either killd or captured by the Japenese on Corregedor. I just hate to think of the whole business. It's hard telling if I get to see you before I go across Hon. It doesn't sound so promising the way these sergeant talk.

Tomorrow we get another shot in the arm, I think. So I'll have a sore arm for a few days again. Saturday we have dental inspection. I'll have to get a few teeth pulled too. We had fire drill today. The whistle blows and we really have to tear outside. They do that about every week just to keep us in practice.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are on guard duty. We have a Concentration camp her and we have to watch so nobody gets away. We are on guard all night in two hour shifts. They give us loaded rifles and if we shoot a prisoner trying to escape we get a six month furlough. Too bad for any prisoner that gets in front of my gun. We studied telephones today and switchboard operation.

Well Hon, I gotta write a few more letters so I better sign off for now.

Your Hubby, Jake.