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Jim Mittelstaedt joins Sun Tribune as Ad Consultant

Jim Mittelstaedt recently joined the Morris Sun Tribune as an Advertising Consultant.

Jim has extensive experience in sales and the printing business.

Jim has lived and worked in Minnesota, California, Texas and South Dakota.

For 25 years, he owned and operated a multi-million dollar travel agency in the Twin Cities, and he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and in the U.S.

Jim for 10 years owned and operated an advertising and print shop, and spent 10 years as a mortgage banker.

He and his wife, Orlou, were high school sweethearts and have been married 49 years, with their 50th high school reunion coming up this summer.

They have five children -- Terri Lynn, Jay, Heidi, Bill and Tom -- and 15 grandchildren.

Jim's hobbies include golf, boating, motorhome travel and enjoying time with his family.