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Cozy Cafe closes

Jean Anderson, owner of the Cozy Cafe. File photo

The usual Sunday buffet was bittersweet for diners at the Cozy Cafe.

There was nothing wrong with the food, other than it was the last time Jean Anderson planned to be serving it. Anderson closed the cafe following the Sunday meal.

"There was just more money going out than coming in," Anderson said on Monday.

"I didn't decide until Friday night. I just can't do it any more."

Anderson told the regulars of her decision on Friday night and the closing was announced during services at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cyrus on Sunday.

"I cried all day Sunday," Anderson admitted.

Anderson said one of the difficulties of being a small business owner is the cost of insurance. So when she fell and broke her elbow last month, it was a double whammy.

"I had to hire someone to come in and help. Plus, I had a big medical bill to pay off. And now, with the first of the year, I'll get to face the huge deductible all over again. I just can't do it. I just can't."

Anderson is as worried about her customers as she is herself. "I enjoyed being part of this community. It was a privilege to be here so the kids could stop by after school and the seniors could get together. These people are just so fun to be around.

"By the grace of God, I hope someone can buy the cafe and keep it going. Maybe a group of people, like the theatre in Morris."

Anderson spent Monday cleaning the cafe and answering the phone.

"Do you know anybody who'd want to run a cafe?" she asked.

Anderson opened the Cozy Cafe in May 2004. In September of 2007, Andrew Zimmern, host of the cable television show, "Bizarre Foods" taped a segment at the cafe.