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Cyrus Area News


Stacie Anderson and friend, Donald, from Bismarck, N.D., and Shannon Anderson from Madison were Christmas and weekend guests of their parents, Jeff and Sandy Anderson. Added supper guests Christmas Eve were Sheri and Joe Gerzina, Matt and Rebecca from Inver Grove Heights, Mike and Jen Bruland and Claire from Sartell, Forest and Norma Engebretson and Marlene Bruland.

Burdell Barsness has spent since Wednesday at the Stevens Community Medical Center. Charles Barsness has been visiting with Burdell at the hospital as well as other family members.

Jean Anderson was a Thursday evening visitor of Lila Estenson.

The Trinity choir presented their Christmas program Sunday for the cantata at Trinity Church.

Burdell Barsness returned home last week after spending a few days at the Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris.

The Dean Olson family spent Christmas Day with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Olson.

Helen Mickelson and Shirley Neuman and daughter spent Christmas Day at the Erland Mickelson home.

Many attended Christmas Eve services at Trinity Church as well as Christmas Day services.

Phyllis Helgerson enjoyed attending a Helgerson Christmas party at the Sue and Dick Drogvich home at Shoreview on Sunday, Dec. 21. John Helgerson brought her home on Tuesday.

North Cyrus

Burdell Barsness was a Tuesday evening dinner guest at the Richard Barsness home.

Donald Rosholt returned home Dec. 18 after being at the St. Cloud Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. John Larson spent from Dec. 19 to 21 at their lake home.

Steve Larson of Rockford was a visitor Dec. 25 at the John Larson home.

Donald Bright and Adam of Coon Rapids, Mary Bright of Blaine, Bonnie Hyatt of Oakdale, Heather Hyatt of Madison, Wis., Janelle Bright of Bertha, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bright and boys were all visitors over the Christmas holidays at the Wayne Bright home. Jeff Hyatt joined them for Christmas Day.

Marjorie Lerdahl spent a few days over Christmas at the Carsen Lerdahl home at Clear Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sayre and Rick and Brenda Ervy and boys visited on Dec. 20 and 21 at the Marty and Jody Sayre home at Sauk Rapids.

Robyn Brandt and family, Kimberly Brandt of Fargo, Dustin and Sarah Brandt and Logan, and Eric Schoenherr spent time over Christmas at the Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brandt home.

Betty Anderson spent from Monday through the Christmas holidays at the Dale Logan home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sayre spent Christmas Day at the Al and Jean Reese home at New London. They were evening guests at the Greiner home.

Doug and Karen Cichy and family visited Tuesday at the Wayne Bright home.

Swan Lake

Shirley Haberer was a Christmas Day guest at the James Ecker home at Plymouth. Added guests were Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ecker and family and Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haberer and Alyssa.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bye were among others on Christmas Eve at the Harold and Bernice Luthi home.

Amanda Dohlen, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dohlen, Ashley Dohlen, Nichole Asmus and children, and Clarence Giese and friend were among others at the Gary Dohlen home on Christmas Eve. All enjoyed supper there.

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gades were guests Christmas Day at the Gordon Harstad home for dinner. Lynn Gades and daughter also enjoyed dinner there.

Amanda Dohlen spent Christmas Eve at the Gerard Dohlen home.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Dohlen entertained many guests for a Christmas party on Sunday. All enjoyed dinner, presents were exchanged and games were played.

Renee Gorham and Dan Helberg were Christmas Eve supper guests of Gladys Helberg and they helped her prepare for the Christmas Day dinner at her house.