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Talking It Over -- Different meanings of Christmas

Christmas means many things to different people. For some it's joy, fun and giving. Others find Christmas to be stressful and busy. Some even think of Christmas with regret and unhappy memories.

While there may be some unhappy memories of Christmases past for everyone, I like to concentrate on the fun times: the music, decorating, shopping, songs, stories, parties and family gatherings. It is a good time to keep family traditions alive and the stories of loved ones flowing down through the generations.

As I was growing up we had several Christmas traditions involving the food, worship services and gift giving. While many of these have been replaced by new traditions, there is one that my brother and sisters try to keep going. That is to make moms famous egg nog.

It wasn't the type of egg nog you buy in the store but rather she would whip the egg whites and whipping cream stiff and then carefully mix it together with powdered sugar and the other ingredients. It was a delicious, frothy drink and was gone almost as fast as she could make it. I have been assured that moms egg nog will be served again this year at our family Christmas. It may be a strange thing to look forward to but somehow keeps my mom and dad with us during the holiday.

The days are counting down and I hope you are all completing some of your many Christmas tasks. Once they are done you can relax, enjoy the wonders of the season, and find what Christmas means to you.