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Detroit Lakes graduate might have 'Real Chance' at reality romance

Abbie Noah of Fargo, aka "Cornfed," is a contestant on the VH1 reality TV show "Real Chance of Love." Jay Pickthorn / The Forum

As far as reality TV shows go, VH1's "Real Chance of Love" isn't particularly amazing or transcendent.

But the show that features two brothers - nicknamed Real and Chance, get it? - trying to find soulmates from a gaggle of gals has become compelling and necessary viewing for one simple reason: Abbi Noah, one of Fargo's own, is among the cast of hopeful women.

And it looks like she might actually find love - at least, the kind of fleeting love that exists on reality TV.

Yes, the girl dubbed "Cornfed" could be the latest Fargoan to strike reality TV gold and "win" her respective program.

It's a dubious reward. And, in this case, very surprising.

Because after the first episode of the show, Noah looked like a sacrificial lamb served up in a Fargo stereotype - no doubt, partially due to clever editing.

Noah's (slight) "Fargo" accent was prevalent. Her glamour was second-class in a caste system that rewards stripper style. And she seemed way too nice to have a chance at winning "love" with one of two brothers who prize themselves more than any woman who walks on Earth - that isn't a bad thing.

But even worse, Noah wasn't a very interesting subject. At least not in the reality TV spectrum where craziness, deceit and drama of any kind is rewarded with more on-screen time.

Yet, through nine episodes, boring ol' Cornfed has done more than just avoid elimination. The Fargo stylist has quietly become a favorite to win the heart of "her man" Real.

Several times over the past five episodes Noah has earned dates with and received Real's "No. 1" chain - for those who haven't seen the show, Real and Chance each have a pool of prospective mates; at the end of every episode they hand chains, and the women who don't receive chains go home.

Noah's ability to survive is impressive considering Real doesn't appear to have a strong connection with her. He doesn't stare at her with lust like he does other characters. And in an episode where the brothers pretended to be arrested after a bar fight, Noah cried to the cops in a display suggesting she was more worried about herself than "her man." Real didn't dig it.

Yet, he continues to reward Noah with his approval. But will this wannabe musician give Noah his heart?

She has a good chance. Her competition has obvious faults - Bay Bay Bay is a control freak who has been nearly eliminated a few times, and Milf comes off like a groupie with big hair. Plus, Noah looks better and has way more class.

We'll have to wait for a while to see if Noah does win "Real" love. The next episode - a continuation of meeting the brothers' parents - airs Dec. 29. And the finale isn't slated until mid-January.

Until then, we'll just have to fantasize about Noah bringing "her man" to Fargo, and seeing Real's proud locks of hair flow in the Fargo wind.