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Talking It Over -- Gift ideas to finish your lists

About this time of year we should be chipping away at those Christmas lists. Slowly marking off the gifts we have purchased, and searching for those "just right" gifts for others. However, there always seems to be those people for whom we have no idea what to purchase.

If you are like me, those are the last names on my lists and the hardest ones to finish. It may not be that they have everything they need but perhaps it's because you don't know them quite as well, they live farther away, or you want the meaning to be just right.

I have no problem buying gifts for my grandkids but it is a different matter for some of the adults in the family. Then there are those people we like to remember because they have done us some favors throughout the year or simply been a special part of our lives. As I was thinking about some of these gift challenges, I realized there are really a lot of things we can purchase locally that will help shorten our lists.

For example, a gift card or certificate for food, meat, hair cuts or products, gas, meals or even a visit to the doctor or dentist can all be purchased without even leaving town.

You can buy products for pets or a certificate for grooming or boarding of pets for the pet lovers in the family.

If you are invited to a holiday party or meal and need a gift for the host and hostess, there are plenty of selections right here in town whether it would be something to add to the snack table, food line or beverage supply. Wine is always a great way to enhance the party!

Perhaps you have a family member, friend, neighbor or someone living in another community who loves to keep abreast of the news in their hometown. Help them stay informed with a newspaper subscription.

Give someone you care about a night out with a gift certificate for a meal at an area restaurant. Or pick up the fixings and make a meal or treat for your neighbors or friends.

Then, if you are really in need of a gift to last a lifetime, purchase a savings bond, donate to an IRA or open a savings account in the name of your loved one. A donation to charity or your local church in honor or memory of a loved one is also a wonderful gift.

There are so many ways that you can find gifts for those names on your list without traveling a great distance. Simply look around in this community and I bet you will quickly come up with ideas to help you shorten up that list in a hurry and at the same time help the community stay strong.