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Century fundraiser labeled a success

A label-collecting contest has raised $2,421.62 for Park Rapids Area Century School this year.

Each year, Century parents and members of the community collect food labels. Donations from the labels are used to fund PTA activities and buy supplies for teachers in the school.

The count is done twice a year, in October and April.

This October, 36,028 labels were sent in to General Mills, Campbell's, Our Family, Food Club, Land O'Lakes and Kemps.

The PTA said the number of labels is considerably lower compared to the count done last spring. It hopes to receive more labels by April.

"The more people that could do it, the more we can provide for our kids," PTA member Michelle Pickar said.

Another way the community can help is by simply using the Internet.

By signing up for, people can choose Century as the local organization they want to give back to. For each Web search, the site donates a penny.

So far, 12 members are signed up from the Park Rapids area and have raised $58.33 by using the Web search engine.

Some food brands contribute to a specific cause at the school.

General Mills labels help fund the library to purchase books and other items.

Money from other food brand labels goes toward PTA activities such as the Halloween Fest and supplies.

Parents can drop off the labels with their children at the school until April. Members of the community can also collect labels until the spring count. They can be dropped off anytime at local grocery stores.