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Talking It Over -- A time to say thank you

As I watched the sun rise this morning, I said a prayer of thanks for another day. However, I was not only thankful for the start of a new day but also for the gift of another week, month, and even year in my life. And along with the gift of time, I was also thankful for the numerous other gifts that I have received during my lifetime.

By the time you read this, the Thanksgiving holiday will be but a memory and we will already be diving head first into the Christmas season. This season seems to begin earlier each year, with Thanksgiving somehow getting lost in the shuffle. However, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be celebrated almost jointly, as during each season we can take time to say thanks. Not just to the one who has provided all for us, but also to those we care about and who help us get through the days, weeks and months of the year.

I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot of people to thank for the gifts I receive regularly. Gifts such as friendship, love, comfort, nourishment, shelter, help, understanding and so much more. The gifts I receive are not wrapped up in fancy gift boxes but rather given through the heart without strings attached.

I am so thankful for this new day and for all the days of my life. As we make our way through the busy holiday season ahead, I encourage each of you to take a few moments to appreciate the gifts we have been given that we cannot see. The gifts that we feel in our hearts that help make our time here so much nicer and the future brighter.