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'To Boeing and Back' created by Morris team

Marion Johnson (right) in a photo from her years in Seattle working for Boeing during World War II.1 / 2
From left are Mike Cihak, Roger Boleman and Chris Butler, the team that created the documentary "To Boeing and Back." Sun Tribune 2007 file photo.2 / 2

"To Boeing and Back" tells the story of Evansville resident Marion Johnson, who, at age 18, traveled to Seattle to find work at the Boeing aircraft factory during World War II.

Like many women of her era, Johnson faced numerous challenges in order to contribute to the war effort.

Three Morris residents created the short documentary, which was accepted in the 2008 Minnesota State Historical Society's Minnesota's Greatest Generation Moving Pictures Film Festival, held last month at Minneapolis' Riverview Theater.

"To Boeing and Back" was produced by Roger Boleman, directed, videographed and edited by Mike Cihak and written by Christopher Butler,

"Following the airing of 'The War' piece by Ken Burns, Pioneer Public Television, as one of the public television stations that aired 'The War,' received a grant to produce about a 20-minute piece," Cihak said. " 'To Boeing and Back' was one of three we produced."

All of the short films accepted by the Festival are screened and become part of the permanent collections of the Minnesota Historical Society. They receive continuing visibility at libraries, schools and historic sites across the state, on the MHS Web site and on television.

University of Minnesota, Morris staff, Boleman and Cihak work in Media Services. Butler is a member of the Morris campus English faculty. "To Boeing and Back" is a collaboration of UMM and Pioneer Public Television.

Other documentaries produced by UMM Media Services include "Minnesota: Rivers and Fields," a 13-part series that explores the natural history and ongoing agricultural development of this historic watershed, along with understanding the early humans and settlers who called the Minnesota River basin home.

"Echoes of the Cry of the Marsh" explores the issues of land management, ecology and the impact of large-scale agriculture on the environment.

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