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Six stops on Chokio, Alberta Tour of Homes

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A Tour of Homes in the Chokio and Alberta areas is Sunday, Nov. 23 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The tour is sponsored by the C-A Spanish Club students, with proceeds going to help defray costs for the club's trip to Costa Rica in June 2009.

Tickets are on sale at Willie's Super Value and Coborns in Morris, and at Tri County Co-op or United Farmers & Merchants State Bank in Chokio.

Homes on the tour include: Bob and Mary Ellen Amundson, George and Clarice Dieter, Chuck and Kay Grossman, Ray and Kathy Keeler, Shaun and Paige McNally, and the Riley Brothers townhome.

Bob & Mary Ellen Amundson

23665 610th Ave


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: Go west on Hwy. 28. Turn left on 610th Ave. (Directly south of the St. Mary's Catholic Church). The Amundson home is two-thirds of a mile south and will be the first home on the right side of the road. Look for a barn with a tall silo, we live in the barn.

Historical data: The barn was built in 1949 by Mary Ellen's parents, Rueben and Bertha Twait. The carpenters were Mary Ellen's grandfather, George Fougeron and her uncle Bill Fougeron. The farm has been in the Twait family since 1923.

Special points of interest: We live in the upper level - the haymow. The lower level contains a shop, furnace room, and a room for the water heater, softener, storage and a three-car garage. We tried to keep some of the original features of the barn. The rafters show and the west wall of the bedroom is the original haymow wall.

George & Clarice Dieter

104 N 1st St East


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: Go north on Main Street. Turn at the first right after the railroad tracks. Go one block, turn left. Gray house on the right side of the road.

Historical Data: The Dieter house was built in 1927 by Louis Larson.

Purchased in 1955 by Merle and Eileen Mattson. Purchased in 1957 by Sig & Clarice Sivertson. Purchased in 1961 by Jack and Edna Mae Reichmuth. Purchased by George & Clarice Dieter in 1967.

Special points of interest: Clarice decorates in a Scandinavian décor. She decorates with her Rosemaling and Hardanger pieces. The Dieter's have a collection of Gnomes and an extensive snow village.

Chuck & Kay Grossman

603 Main St.


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: One block south on Main Street.

Historical Data: Our three story house was built in the early 1900's. The first homeowner was Chester Cadwell, President of the First National Bank of Chokio from 1900-1913.

There have been only six owners since construction over 100 years ago.

Chuck & Kay Grossman have been the longest inhabitants, as they have lived there for 32 years.

Cadwell's - 1900 - 1922; Eastman's - 1922 -1933; A.J. Nelson - 1933 -1946. He converted the house into 3 apartments; Richard Brown - 1946 - 1962; Wilbur Hanson - 1962 -1976; Grossman's - 1976 to the present.

Special points of interest: The architecture of the home is of special interest. There is maple hardwood flooring throughout the house. The new addition and the breakfast room have oak hardwood flooring. The woodwork in the house is all the original woodwork. The stained glass window is original glass.

Ray & Kathy Keeler

206 3rd St. East


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: Go east on Hwy. 28 two blocks to 3rd St. E, turn left and go 1 block. Light sage colored house on the right side of the road. There are redwood fences with lampposts on either side of the driveway.

Historical data: The Keeler house was built in 1977 for Ron and ArLou Flannigan. It is a pre-built dynamic home. It was purchased by Greg & Jackie Grossman in 1992. The Keeler's purchased it in June 2005.

Special points of interest: The interior painting was done by Janelle Kill and Cheryl Kenyon. The house has a full basement which is completely finished. The Keeler's added a four-season sunroom in 2007 that looks out to the backyard. The sunroom is finished in knotty pine.

Shaun & Paige McNally

211 2nd St. W


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: Go west on Hwy. 28, 2 blocks. Turn left at 2nd St. West (by the school). Go 2 blocks and it is the house on the left corner of 2nd St. W and 3rd Ave.

Historical data: The house is approximately 100 years old. The house was lifted up and a new basement with 8 foot ceilings and a new fireplace were added in 1993 by the previous owners. The basement was left unfinished. We are currently working to complete the basement. It will contain a family room, a bedroom, a guest room, a bathroom., a utility room and a shop. Previous owners were Jim and Amy Quackenbush, they purchased it from the Severances.

Special points of interest: We have a special framed newspaper clipping from the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The article is about Shaun and Paige when they first moved to Chokio and Shaun was in Bosnia. This can be found in the living room.

Riley Bros. Townhome

320 E. 3rd Ave.


Directions from Tri-County Co-op in Chokio: Go two blocks east on Hwy. 28, turn left on 3rd St. E. Take a left at 3rd Ave. The townhome will be on your left right on the corner.

Historical Data: The first of five planned townhomes was completed in October 2008 by local subcontractors including: Melberg Construction, Hawkinson Construction, Needham Plumbing, Kieffer Electric, McGinnis Appliance, Maner Drywall, Nomad Drywall, Cheryl Voorhees Painting, Riley Bros. Construction, and Hooter's Lumber.

Special points of interest: Cabinetry and flooring provided by Hooter's Lumber. Cabinets are maple and oak.

Each townhome is custom-built with varying layouts including 2 to 4 bedrooms, full basement to partial/crawl space, two- and three-car garages and walk-out patios. All are built handicap accessible.