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Merle Felstul Leadership Award winners

Pictured with members of the Morris Lions are the 2008-09 Merle Felstul Leadership Award winners. They are (left to right) Christine Schneider, Kelsey Amundson, Don Goracke, Sara Beyer, Chris Scott, and Dick Felstul.

Winners of the 2008-09 Merle Felstul Leadership Award were announced Tuesday at the Lions' Fall Athletic Awards banquet at Morris Area.

This year's winners are seniors Christine Schneider, Kelsey Amundson, Sara Beyer, and Chris Scott.

Every year the Lions choose Morris Area seniors for the award based on community service, academic achievements, and athletic participation.

Felstul, an active member of the Morris Lions' Club for 52 years, could always be found offering his services for many club and community sponsored activities.

By presenting these awards, the Morris Lions' Club hopes his examples of serving and working for the community will continue.