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Talking It Over -- The annual hunt is on

As you read this, I will most likely be sitting in my deer stand searching the landscape beyond for those elusive deer.

Hearing the weather forecast for the weekend I will also most likely be freezing my you-know-what off.

This year the season is a little different as it allows hunting during the days between the usual two hunting weekends. Therefore, during this past week I have gone out a few nights after work with my husband, and believe it or not, I have also already done some shooting. However, there are still no deer hanging in our garage so we have our work cut out for us this weekend.

In between my hunting ventures at night, I have also been trying to prepare my home and food for the re-arrival of our fellow hunters. Most of their hunting gear has remained from last weekend and there is still sandwich meat and buns in the 'fridge. I like to have a hot meal at the end of the hunt, so I also try to fix things like a hot dish or barbeques.

One tradition of our second hunting weekend is biscuits and gravy on Saturday morning. I love to fix this relatively easy breakfast, and the guys also love it. The trouble is, after eating that heavy meal, we are all pretty groggy as we venture out to our stands. A little nap during the watch has been known to happen. However, those extra calories to burn can also help keep us awake and fueled during our drives.

I certainly hope to have better news about the success of our hunt in my column next week. If not, I guess you will find me in the grocery store or locker plant just a bit more often as I stock the freezer with other products which, depending on your opinion of venison, may or may not be just as good and possibly even cheaper.