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Messner named Teacher of the Year

Morris Area teacher Shelley Messner receives a plaque from fellow teacher Sue Hauger honoring Messner at the Morris Teachers Association Teacher of the Year for the 2008-2009 school year. Photo by Nancy Woodke, Sun Tribune.1 / 2
Jill VanKempen was honored at the Morris Area School District's Support Staff Person of the Year Wednesday at the 3rd Annual Staff Recognition Program.2 / 2

Shelley Messner was honored by the Morris Teachers Association as Teacher of the Year, and Jill VanKempen was honored as Support Staff Person of the Year for 2008-2009.

Messner and VanKempen receieved the awards at the Morris Area School District's 3rd Annual Staff Recognition Program and breakfast Wednesday.

VanKempen also was recognized for 35 years service in the district.

Nancy Colrud, Rita Rose, Mary Walker and Cork Loge received gifts for their work as support staff.

Morris Area 3rd Annual Staff Recognition Awards

MTA Teacher of the Year -- Shelley Messner

MTA Teacher of the Year Nominees -- Joyce Rentz; Joan Donovan; Peg Rinkenberger; Mark Ekren; John Kleinwolterink; Lori Boettcher; Deb Peterson; Messner.

Support Staff Member of the Year -- Jill VanKempen

Years of Service Awards

35 years -- Jill VanKempen

30 years -- Sharon Carlson; Betty Kill; Cindy Perkins; Joyce Rentz

25 years -- Jan Kieffer

20 years -- Larry Anderson; Mark Ekren; Jane Lesmeister; Cathy Rach

15 years -- Diane Aeikens; Tom Anderson; Marleen Nelson; Deann Recker; Tamy Reese; Tammy Roth

10 years -- Donna Ascheman; Mary Asche; Christine Gibson; Kris Kloos

5 years -- Mike Grittner; Kelly Neilsen; Steve Sterud; Trish Paul

Support Staff Recognition -- Nancy Colrud; Rita Rose; Mary Walker; Cork Loge